In our Hearts *Kavi

Name: A Cat Called Kavi
Meaning: Sanskrit, meaning: 'Poem'
Nicknames: Piepmuis, IJsbeertje, Kleine (Little) Kid
Type and color: Blue lynx/tabby (color)point mitted
Place of birth: Elst (Gelderland) (in our own Cattery)
Date of birth
and passing over:
June 6 2006 - February 6 2007
More about Kavi: Because we secretly really liked to keep a kitten from our and May's very first litter and(!) because we of course long lost our hearts to him, Kavi got to stay with us. Sadly we only got to enjoy his presence for as short a period as 8 months. Kavi was print/pattern wise most definitely the most beautiful kitten from May's first litter and he was very vocal and affectionate. He loved to spend the entire day running around following us or his mum and when another cat got attention, he would be there in a split second to claim his portion too. With his lovely kirring, purring and peeping he was truly irresistible. Cuddling really was Kavi's favorite waste of time, he could not get enough of it and literally threw himself at your feet, or on your lap when he got the chance. He will be dearly missed…