Name: Van Zeewolde Nishka
Meaning: Sanskrit, meaning: ‘Devotion’/’Dedication’, ‘Trust’, ‘Honesty’
Nicknames: Dotje (Dottie), Meisje (Girly)
Type and color: Blue lynx/tabby (color)point
Tests: PKD free, CIN, HCM, FeLV and FIV negative
(tested on June 24, 2006)
Bloodgroup: A
Place of birth: Zeewolde (Cattery van Zeewolde/A Cat Called)
Date of birth: March 6, 2005
Status: Neutered
Weight: 5,2 kg (on March 2, 2008)
Motto: ‘Shy girls have more fun’
Favorite occupations: Yammering, just for the sake of yammering. She likes to sleep in bed with Martijn or other attentive company. She likes making careful and thorough inspection rounds of the cat run, especially when it is already way passed little pussycats bedtime and when all the other cats have already long gone inside. And everything needs to be sniffed very extensive!
Favorite places in house: She likes to crawl into small round spaces, such as tunnels or little holes in the scratch post or cat run construction or just curl up on the couch. Furthermore the golden rule applies; wherever Martijn goes, Nishka goes!
Favorite song: ‘My Baby Has Got Blue Eyes’, ‘Dream A Little Dream’
More about Nishka: Nishka can really melt you down when she gazes at you with her large blue hypnotizing ‘Manga-eyes’. Nishka and closed doors (or similar obstacles) are no winning combination. As soon as this considerable ball of wool sees that she is (being) shut out, this will result in her ‘alarm’ going off, as in that she is not amused and does not agree with the current state of things and she will make that loud(!) and clear with her volume knob on maximal! She was the first Ragdoll to come live here and Rudra was immediately crazy about her. There was and still is a lot of lapping up by him, which provides for some really moving sights. She is not a big fan of strangers; she always waits and sees which way the winds blow. But once the coast is considered clear, she will surrender herself completely as only Ragdolls can; laying on her back, with four legs in air!