Name: A Cat Called May Sun of Sundari
Meaning: Arabic/Persian, meaning: 'Beautiful'
Nicknames: Queen May, Mamma May(a), Tante (Auntie) May
Type and color: Solid black & white bicolor
Tests: PKD free, CIN, HCM, FeLV and FIV negative
Bloodgroup: A
Place of birth: Zeewolde (Cattery van Zeewolde/A Cat Called)
Date of birth: May 28, 2004
Status: Open
Weight: 4,0 kg (on March 2, 2008)
Motto: 'Keep it clean'
Favorite occupations: Grooming, or licking her half sister Sufi, or her kittens. When there are no Sufi's nor kittens around, any bare human body parts, like hands, or feet are no longer safe from her tongue! Next to that she is our 'administration cat', if there is a piece of paper, a book, or anything similar on the dining table, May lays either on top of it, next to it, or has at least on of her paws on it, everything happens under her strict supervision.
Favorite places in house: On her 'throne' at the highest level of our biggest scratch post construction which is suitably called 'Kingdom' (or at the highest place in our new scratch post called Ankara). She also likes to sleep with us at the foot end of our beds at night.
Favorite song: 'Killer Queen' ;-)
More about May: May has been living with us since October 6 2005 and ever since she arrived she has been the uncrowned queen of the house. She steals the show and when we have visitors she lays herself down right in the middle of the coffee table, literally in the centre of attention! Just like Breezer/Julius she can be somewhat overassertive where it is not needed. She regularly likes to show the tomcats here that she is the boss, especially when she is pregnant, then she can be extra lovingly towards us (humans) and at the same time be extra bitchy towards the other (tom)cats, obviously a two-face Gemini; don't mess with May! But then again she is the embodiment of Surrender with a capital 'S' and when you pick her up and hold her in your arms, she really is as limb as a doll, or kitchen cloth, like a true Ragdoll should be(have)!