Name: Van Zeewolde Sufi
Meaning: Arabic, meaning: 'Pure' and 'man of wool'
Nicknames: Soef, Snoepie, Elfje, Mini-Mieuw
Type and color: Blue cream torbie (tortie tabby) point mitted (splitface)
Tests: PKD free, CIN, HCM, FeLV and FIV negative
(tested on December 7, 2006)
Bloodgroup: A
Place of birth: Zeewolde (Cattery van Zeewolde/A Cat Called)
Date of birth: June 21 2005
Status: Neutered
Weight: 4,4 kg (on March 2, 2008)
Motto: 'I'm the baby, got to love me!'
Favorite occupations: Whenever possible Sufi will always find her way to your lap, so often and regular you sometimes don't even notice her already purring on your lap anymore. She usually is most inseparable from her big sister May Sun by whom she loves being coddled and licked up clean. Sufi also likes to sleep, cuddle and caress with the other cats and if they are lucky, they even get a lick back as a thank you for the attention that was given to her! ;-)
Favorite places in house: All places comfy and cosy, where affection can be found, those are the spots in which you are most likely to find Sufi.
Favorite song: 'Isn't she lovely?!'
More about Sufi: Sufi was our one and only cuddle cat until Meshha came to live here, of whom she now receives some unfair 'lap competition'. She probably has the most kind-hearted nature of all our cats. Rarely (if ever) will she hiss at other cats en rarely will other cats hiss at her. Everyone loves this 'Elf' and everyone loves to coddle her, humans included.