Name: Bozidara's Meshha of Sundari
Meaning: Sanskrit, meaning; 'Aries (Ram)' ((her) star sign) or 'furry/fuzzy creature'
Nicknames: Smurf, Blauwe (Blue) (Druif (Grape))
Type and color: Blue Solid (non pointed)
Tests: PKD free, CIN, HCM, FeLV and FIV negative
(tested on March 23, 2007)
Bloodgroup: A
Place of birth: Sas van Gent (Cattery Bozidara)
Date of birth: April 13, 2006
Status: Open
Weight: 4,6 kg (on March 2, 2008)
Motto: 'As long as I get plenty attention, it's all fine with me (anything goes)!'
Favorite occupations: Surrendering completely to anyone who gets near (to) her. You only even need to pet a cat close to Meshha and she will start spinning, (al)so even literally when you look at her!
Favorite places in house: She can be found anywhere as long as there is attention to be had (there), but her favorite spots in the house are the couch, the scratch post and the cat runs outside for the time being.
Favorite song: 'Let's get loud!'
More about Meshha: Meshha is the patently obvious favorite of almost anyone that comes by, even of those people that usually do not even care for cats. She comes to you right away and if you do not immediately give here attention, she will quit literally throw herself at you(r lap) where she will start 'running her engine' loudly right away! If even then she still does not receive enough attention to her liking, she can yammer at least as loud as Nishka, whom she rivals in vocality. Also she rivals every other (pedigree)cat in this house in 'Ragdollness'; she truly lays as flabby as a Ragdoll (puppet) and her middle name is 'complete surrender'! Next to that she has such soft fur that one would believe a Chinchilla was secretly inbred in her genetics! ;-)